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We are specialists in Bird's nest farm building Thailand’s highest quality custom homes that provide lasting value & lifestyle. You can rest assured that your dream Bird's nest farm is built by qualified and highly skilled professionals who have a passion for building excellence. At BirdNestHousing, truth, trust and transparency with clients, suppliers and staff are at the cornerstone of our business. We share a love for building and materialising dreams into reality.

We contribute to development of society and enhancing the safety of structures by delivering high-performance steel products. We have a wealth of experience in various construction projects including;

  • Hydraulic Excavator
  • Piling Equipment
  • Port Machinery
  • Concrete Pump
  • Excavators & more

All Our Bird's nest Farm are Custom Designed to your specifications and we spend a substantial amount of time with each client to ensure that the finished Bird's nest Farm fits their needs exactly.

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Our Team

We are ready team For a creating your Successful in the bird's nest industry

praneet c mccoy
Founder & CEO
Dr.Emran Khan
Business Developer
Prodip Cho
International law Director
Public Affairs Marketing Director

Our Adviser Board

Culture Southeast Asia Travel Expert
Culture Southeast Asia Architectures Expert
Prof(Hon).Dr.Wisut Sitchumkhom
Swiftlet's Breeding Farm & AI Technology Expert
Prof.Dr.Jakaria Khan
Health Economics & Blockchan Expert